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White list

If a black list entry blocks all your email marketing communications, a white list entry sanctions your right to enter recipients' inbox without any risk of being blocked.

A white list is a list of email addresses, web site addresses, or programs that are considered to be spam or virus free. If you are in the white list, you have a passport to enter any inbox you wish to. It is a list of e-mail addresses or domain names from which an e-mail blocking program will allow messages to be received.

At least two companies are selling access to "whitelists" that promise to get corporate e-mail delivered, bypassing the spam filters now used by Internet service providers (ISPs). These two most prominent whitelists are known as Habeas and Bonded Sender. Recently, Microsoft announced that its MSN Hotmail e-mail service will implement Bonded Sender to help it distinguish legitimate e-mail from spam. ISIPP Accreditation Database (IADB) may also be used as whitelists. Many ISPs, notably AOL and Yahoo!, maintain their own internal whitelists.

Habeas Whitelist

The Habeas system relies on a short string of words that's embedded into each e-mail by senders of "opt-in" mailings. This string is invisible to recipients, but it can clearly be seen by e-mail servers in the "headers" that are used to route all messages across the Internet.

Bonded Sender Whitelist

Bonded Sender requires bulk mail senders to post a cash bond worth several hundred to several thousand dollars, based on volume. Each sender is then required to keep complaints that reach Bonded Sender down to one per month per 1 million e-mails sent. Above that, and a $20 penalty is charged against the bond for each complainant.

How to be part of a whitelist?

When a prospect signs up to receive an email from you, ask them to confirm. At the time of confirmation, ask the recipient to add your domain or address to their white list.
  • They might have the option of adding your email address in the white list.
  • Or, they need to contact their systems administrator to add your email address or domain to the company's white list.
  • Or, you contact top-tier ISPs to ensure that you're taking the right steps to get your e-mail delivered and to be added in their white list.
  • You can register with Habeas or Bonded Sende

Open Relay

Open Mail Relays are e-mail servers that support Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP). It allows a third party to relay e-mail messages, i.e., sending and/or receiving e-mail that is not for or from a local user.

Spammers are able to locate accessible third-party mail relay servers by using automated tools that are readily available on the Internet. By relaying mail through several open relay mail servers at the same time, it is possible to flood the Internet with large amounts of scrap mails in a very short period of time before being detected.

If your mail server is not enabled for SMTP authentication (to protect it from unauthorized users)--it can become an open relay, allowing anyone on the Internet to send email to any destination, as a result your domain IP address is blacklisted.


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