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Real time Black hole List

RBL is a list of networks that are misused by spammers to send unsolicited emails. Anything listed in the RBL is unceremoniously bounced. The idea behind RBL is simple: block traffic from spammer IP addresses and thus prevent the traffic from reaching a destination on internet. The MAPS RBL (Realtime Blackhole List) is said to be the originator of Realtime Blackhole list.
System administrators set rules on the mail server to use this list for rejecting incoming mail. The result promises less spam reaching recipients' inbox. However, legitimate users who unintentionally share a domain with spammers may have their emails blocked as well. Customers of ISPs that use RBLs may never know what they are missing.

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How did you land in a Blacklist?

You have a legitimate business interest and have no intention of spamming but still you are blocked from further communication and blacklisted. All planning, investment is ruined in no time. How did you land in a Blacklist?


  • You harvested email addresses of your prospective from a vendor.There is no guarantee that the vendor list is of opt-in customers and that too of your customers. Never put in all your faith in such lists.
  • You might have swapped list from your business associate, customer did not give you permission or for your newsletter.
  • Even after customer opted-in for your service, you did not take the pain of confirming about it with them.
  • You may be listed maliciously through one complaint of a client.
  • You may have been listed maliciously by your competitor.
  • Your IP falls in the range of addresses that are suspected of spamming and already blacklisted.
  • If you using the same IP that the already blacklisted spammer is using, you may also end up being listed.
  • If your subject line or sender's address does not give the impression of being legitimate.
  • Your content is all crammed with nothing substantial to talk about.
  • You email frequently without any consideration to, 'will the recipient like it'.
  • You by default or intentionally emailed recipients who opted out of your service.
  • Sometimes Blacklist organization presumes that your IP or company is a potential spam sender. They then add every IP address in that network to their Blacklists. They do this regardless of whether spam has been sent from those ISPs.
Most Blacklist organizations do not care whether you are legitimate or not, they only consider how many complaints they have received. Sometime, only one complaint is enough to fall in the pit. The following ways may not guarantee you 100 per cent solution but you do not get reported often.
  • Ensure your email server is not an open relay.
  • Go in for doubt-opt in option.
  • Do not use any spammer tricks
  • Promptly handle unsubscribe requests.
  • Use correct header data.
  • Try mixing up your lists so that they contain addresses from different providers. Never send to lists with only one provider, if you are doing so, there are higher chances of getting blocked.


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