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Email marketing Do's and Don'ts

If you are firm believer in ethics and make a list of do's and don't for your life and businesses do the same for email marketing. Chart out a do's and don't list for your email marketing practice and try sticking to it. Remember one bad decision and one complaint is enough to blacklist you.

List of Do's

  • If possible, ask customers their interest at the time of subscribing to your service. It helps in knowing your prospective customer's taste and your newsletter could be send accordingly.
  • If possible, ask your opt-in customer the most suitable time they would like to receive your newsletter.
  • If possible, ask opt-in customers whether they would like to receive newsletter everyday, bi-weekly, weekly or monthly.
  • If possible, ask opt-in customers whether they would like to receive newsletter everyday, bi-weekly, weekly or monthly.
  • Develop in-house customers' email list, you are sure about its source and authenticity.
  • Write for your customer not for your marketing people.
  • Keep your subject-line clean and simple, hinting about your newsletter matter.
  • Provide your address and contact number somewhere in the email newsletter. It gives legitimacy to your email.
  • Assure your customer and develop their trust towards you.
  • Be Can-Spam compliant.
  • Feedback is the most important aspect of any communication process, be sure to provide an option to get back to you.
  • Provide with the workable option of opt-out, so that the customer can unsubscribe if they do not find the matter worthwhile.
  • Ensure the security of customer data.
  • Monitor blacklists to make sure your IP addresses are not listed.

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List of Don'ts

  • Do not harvest email addresses taking help of software available
  • Do not swap email addresses from other business associates and do not buy your email list from illegitimate vendors.
  • Do not email customers who never opted-in or confirmed of doing so.
  • Do not email customers after they opt-out from your promotional service.
  • Do not send irrelevant content.
  • Do not send email through dubious sender address.
  • Do not deluge email addresses of your prospective customer or the one who never asked for you.
  • Do not make misleading or incorrect statements in your newsletter.
  • Do not play the trick of email spoofing.
  • Do not try strategies to break spam filters.
  • Do not break rules or laws.
  • Do not apply tricks taken from a spammer's notebook. Avoid what they do.
  • Do not use open relay to send your emails.
  • Do not share your customers' information with others.
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