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Q. What is Blacklistedip?

You send legitimate emails all around the clock but few never reaches destination, they are blocked. It may happen because your IP is in a black list, ISPs and corporate check against these lists to determine if they would deliver your emails to their customers.
Blacklistedip is a service that keeps track of your IP addresses and we also notify you whenever your IP address ends up in the black list, let you know name of the black list and also the process of delisting.

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Q. How it works?

First you need to subscribe to our service and provide us with your IP addresses (if you are not sure about IP addresses, do not worry we will help you in finding them) that you want us to monitor. Relax now, our service starts for you from here:
  • We keep a tap on your IP address round the clock.
  • We immediately notify you through email whether you are listed on any of the Black Lists that we check.
  • We also provide you with the delisting procedure and notify you about any delisting.
  • If you want to know the status of your IP, you can login to our service and check if your IP has been blacklisted or not.

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Q. Why I should sign-up for Blacklistedip?

The difference between a legitimate email and an illegitimate email has blurred. Most of your legitimate emails never get delivered because your IP address is on a black list along with a known spammer. Often you are blocked because your IP is in a range of IP addresses that perhaps one has spammed or your client's list is not an opted-in list. You may also be blocked because your IP is an open relay.
To see that your legitimate emails gets delivered and not blocked, it is very important to know whether your IP is on a black list or not. If you sign-up for Blacklistedip, we help you know if your IP is on the black list, which black list and the process of delisting.

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Q. What happens after I sign-up?

After you sign-up and subscribe to our site service, you will be provided with a user name and password. Anytime and from anywhere you can login to your account and check the status of your IP addresses by yourself. If you cannot do so personally, we also have the facility of notifying you through email whenever your IP address gets black listed.
We are not spammers, so do not fret about deluge of emails. Your email address will only be used to notify you about listing and delisting of IP addresses.

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Q.If I am not sure about the IP address used to send my emails?

If you are not sure about the IP address, do not worry, we will assist you in finding your ip address and monitor it for you.

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Q. If I do not receive immediate notification?

We try to keep our service tuned to prompt status. If you are not able to receive immediate notification it may be because of the invalid email address you provided at the time of sign-up, your ISP is using a filter that does not allow new email address and requires responding to a challenge message before delivery or your email clients requires us to be added in your white list to be allowed in your inbox.
The only other possible reason will be related to technical snag.

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