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Email Deliverability

A solution for those who need to ensure that their email gets delivered despite all the email blocking software used by ISP's, business networks and consumer desktop machines. We work with you every step of the way to resolve your Email deliverability issues.

Content Filters:

Probably the most misunderstood area of email delivery filters are the numerous filters that mail administrators and individuals use to review email content prior to delivery. Inexperienced email marketers think that by making sure they avoid a number of key trigger words and obey a few simple rules they are good to go. Unfortunately it's not that simple, the filters that are being used have underlying logic that looks way beyond the subject line when assessing a message.

How to avoid Content filters?

There are a number of basic steps that we recommend to all email marketers to resolve content filter issues.

  1. Correct all basic HTML coding errors. Make sure all your tags are correctly placed and are fully compliant.
  2. Create a template that scores low and continue to use it. Use an HTML validating software to create this template.
  3. Learn to see your message as a content filter does, header, subject main body. Make sure each of these is correct. Message headers are in particular are commonly full of problematic elements including mime errors and date and time inconsistencies.
  4. Test your content, fix and then retest. We recommend a score below 5 on Spam Killer. If delivery is vital lower this threshold to 4.

Actual Inbox Delivery:

There are 4 major ISP’s that manage the majority of consumer inboxes. They are MSN/Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, AIM Mail and GMAIL (GOOGLE Mail). Basically unless each of these mail platforms relays your message to the primary folder, your email campaign is far from optimized. All of these ISP’s allow their users to report Spam with a “Report Spam” button. The ISP uses this feedback to create a profile for your mail. If users are reporting your mail as Spam you will run into problems.

Email Delivery Tips

  1. Monitor your mailing results. If you notice a drop in response rates from a specific geography (ISP), or a specific domain name, then you are likely blacklisted.
  2. Avoid high-volume continuous sending to non-white listed ISPs and corporate networks. 50 consecutive messages can trigger a block.
  3. Avoid scripting and non-PDF attachments in your messages because virus filters will block your messages from delivery.
  4. Avoid common words in your subject line and message body that make your message look like SPAM.
  5. Secure the IP address of your mail server. Make sure it is configured for reverse DNS lookup. This may involve your email service provider if you use an ASP service.
  6. Make sure your abuse and postmaster addresses are valid and can receive e-mail. Get access to those addresses and review the incoming mail.

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