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Email Blacklist:

If your email server IP is blacklisted, because of spamming accusations, our web based system will let you know, whenever you are blacklisted and provide information on how to get delisted.

How we do that?

• Our system instantly alerts you, through an email, whenever your IP lands in a   blacklist.
• We provide you delisting information, which will help you in getting your email server delisted   from a blacklist.

What is the Delisting Process?

• First step is to know, in which blacklist your email server IP is listed. This is where our   proficient system helps you, by telling you accurately where   your IP is blacklisted.

• We also provide you the information on how to get delisted from a blacklist. Or, you can visit   the website of that particular blacklist, where you can get information on how to get off a   blacklist.

• Remember to read the information provided in the website, it will help you in knowing how not   to get in a blacklist again.

Removing IP/Domain from Email Blacklist:

1. Delisting your IP from ORDB (Open Relay Database).

Your host will only be removed from ORDB, if they can confirm that your server is no longer an open relay. Even if you have a fixed configuration error on your server, there may be many other errors, resulting in continued listing of your server as an open relay.

2. Delisting your IP from (Spam Prevention Early Warning System).

Unlike other block-lists, SPEWS does not take in consideration Spam submissions or nominations. Blacklist entries in SPEWS are made by the people who run SPEWS, for their own blocking and filtering needs.

3. Delisting IP from Spamhaus.

If there is a specific Spam report, which mentions your domain and you are not Spamming, it is possible that the email address has been spoofed. Spoofing means that the e-mail’s "From" field is forged by a spammer, and it looks like it has originated from your site.

If you want to know more on email server blacklist or anything related to IP server blacklists, please do contact us. It is immensely important that you have a blacklist monitoring system to check, whether your email server IP is blacklisted or not, it helps in improving your email delivery rate.

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