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Delisting From Blacklists

First you need to know whether you are black listed or not, avail our service- which searches Blacklists and helps you in finding whether you are black listed or not. If you are one whose IP has been black listed, each Blacklist has its own procedure of getting your IP removed from the Blacklist. In most cases a hosting service is notified that potential spam emails are being transmitted from their server. Blacklists allow them few days to clean up and they later remove accused IP from their list.

If you are listed on MAPS RBL, you need to contact them by email - Email: or phone (if necessary) Phone: +1.408.453.6277 x1, state the IP address you would like to have removed, mention about the steps you are going to clean-up your act.When contacted them with a remove request, an Investigator (if possible, the original Investigator who listed the IP in the MAPS RBL) will start a dialogue with you to discuss what actions caused the listing, what has been done to resolve these issues and what will be done to prevent them from occurring in the future. If necessary, the Investigator will ask about abuse handling policies, acceptable use policies and any problems encountered in the notification.

These discussions will be documented and forwarded to MAPS Management with a recommendation for the listing (removal, probation, maintain listing). There is a probationary period where the IP is removed from the list but can be reactivated without a new nomination if there are new occurrences. The probated listing is monitored for an appropriate period of time to ensure that there are no new instances of spamming activity. If there is no new spamming activity at the end of the probationary period, the listing is removed.

If you are listed at Relay stop List You need to ask them to remove it or sites are automatically removed after 90 days. Delisting from SBL advisory can be done by typing your IP and getting yourself removed. If you blacklisted at Spambag, you can request to be removed and, this is how they consider your request a) If you are Internet Provider, all of your spamming customers must be shut down first. b) You must provide an explanation as to why the previous complaints have been ignored. c) You must give an explanation as to what exactly has been put in place to make sure that any future complaints will be promptly addressed. d) If you are Internet provider, you must commit to shut down your spamming customers within 24 hours of receiving clear evidence of their customers spamming.

At Spamcop if there is no fresh report of spam you will be automatically removed, a maximum of 48 hours from the most recent spam complaint. If people stop reporting your site as a source of spam, it will be de-listed after 48 hours. If you are listed at Spamhaus Block List (SBL), if your IP is listed on the SBL you will be given a link to the SBL Record page which will explain why the IP address is listed. At the bottom of every SBL Record page you will find a "Removal Procedure" with an email link to contact the SBL Team. xbl.spamhaus, XBL removals are automated. You can remove an IP address from the XBL by entering the IP address in the "Lookup IP Address" box (above), and then follow the link to the automatic removals request form.

But remember if you do not weed out your problematic area permanently, you might end up being blacklisted again.


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