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Blacklisted Domain

If your ISP gets email from a Blacklisted Domain, it will bounce with the subject "failure notice." Your domain may be on blacklist very easily. Many times all it takes is for some client of your ISP to be running an open proxy. We provide you the best solution to eradicate such failure notice and let you know the reason of being blacklisted.

We provide an ultimate solution to instantly determine if an email consists of a domain name contained in a blacklist. The blacklist can be very large, and lists of over 1 million domain names are easily handled with instant lookup times.

What are blacklists/Blocklists?

A blacklist or blocklist is a database containing known IPs used by individuals or companies sending Spam. Various ISP's and bandwidth providers subscribe to these DNS blacklist databases to filter out Spam sent across their network or to their subscribers. But we give you the best awareness against blacklisted IPs.

Research has shown that most Internet users use different e-mail addresses in order to save the "main one" for their trusted sources only. The reason is: endless amount of Spam as soon as other parties know the e-mail address. We guarantee you to root out such sort of problems.

There have been many ways of targeting Spam mails like blacklisted domains, banned IPs, words in subject and many more. The Spammers have always found out a way to change their identity. But here is the catch. The Spammers are being paid to send the message. They can change their Domains, IPs, subject lines, but how much they can play with the contents?

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