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A Blacklist is a list of known Internet addresses (IP's) used by Spammers. Most of the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Bandwidth providers subscribe to these Blacklist databases in order to filter out Spam sent across their network or to their subscribers.

Some Internet organizations are specialized in this field. They keep record of IPs used by Spammers.

DNSBL (Domain Name Server Blacklist):
The DNSBL also known as Real-Time Black hole List (RBL) is maintained in the form of IP zone data on a particular DNS server or hierarchy of servers. This data can be supplied through complaints, through automated testing, through statistics, through information derived from WHOIS information, etc. In some cases, the zone data is compiled from all of the above.

E-mail Blacklist:
A list of known e-mail servers and addresses used by Spammers is known as E-mail Blacklist. If your IP address is on any blacklist, the email servers will block your emails.

Spam Blacklist:
A list of known e-mail servers or open relays used by Spammers to deliver unwanted e-mails is known as Spam Blacklist. By placing these lists in their mail transport agent's rules system, system administrators can block Spam transmitted from these sources.

We keep track of your IP addresses and notify you when your IP is on any blacklist. We also help you in getting de-listed.

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