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How to avoid Blacklists?

Good Email Marketing Strategy

You are a thorough business professional, who likes to make sound investment, you are profit minded and smart in your business decisions why show carelessness when it comes to sending promotional email newsletters and get yourself bracketed among spammers and end up black listed.
It always pays rich dividends, if you have a well planned out strategy before pressing the SEND button. If your email marketing strategy is smart, sensible, meticulously planned, and double-opt-in nature, and you believe in no spamming policy, there is high possibility of a smiling recipient rather than a cursing one. Beware; too many cursing recipients will put you in a blacklist. What is better, a good emailing strategy or a black hole? Only a welcomed email is read and generates favorable results.


Make the consumer opt-in for your service. Do not waste your time gate crashing, be sure you are invited. Whenever, customer visits your site provide them with option of 'opt-in' for receiving your promotional newsletter. If they opt-in and leave behind their e-mail address and other requisite personal information, smile but do not rejoice yet.


IN serves your purpose much better than a SINGLE OPT-In. Send a confirmation email and make yourself double sure that the customer you are going to lure is a genuine one and they are truly interested in your service. It also sets aside fear of mischief. In case your IP has been blacklisted, double opt-in' is the most straightforward way to prove that an individual's spam report was erroneous.
If the customer confirms, he/she is your right target, you are sure about your welcome and your promotional newsletter or content will be read. But, if they do not confirm, follow the thumb rule, 'never send email', delete the customer from your data base. If you are stubborn and insist on sending emails, you risk being blacklisted.


Always provide the option of opt-out at the footer of every promotional matter you send. It helps customer unsubscribe from your service, if they are no longer interested in your email promotions. And follow the thumb rule, 'never send email again'. Delete the opted out customer from your data base; they no longer exist for you.
Confirmation in your pocket, now concentrate on your email planning. Subject line, sender's address, content are all important element of a promotional email.


The customer might have given you the permission to enter his/her inbox but you still have a long way to go. Make sure your subject line is accurate and looks trustworthy. Subject line should not have bad hellos. It should scream for attention but not make the recipient suspicious. If those 40 words do not get your opted-in recipient's attention or trust, you are a spammer for them. In spite of being asked for, you will end up in the black list.
Ask your creative people not only to work on the content but also to give good thought to the subject line. The subject line should be catchy but information based, highlighting on the content in the promotional newsletter. Avoid using jargons or words commonly used by spammers. Distinguish yourself from others in the inbox. One word here and there makes all the difference- you might end up being in the junk box or clicked on for further read.


Make sure your email address looks legitimate and does not make customer hesitant. Almost all email providers have strengthened their spam filters and any email address that reads a little different from the usual lands in the bulk folder or land you in the black list. If possible, use your company @ address or stick to personal name with @ address of known email service providers like yahoo, hotmail, AOL etc.


Do not disappoint your valuable customers with your promotional content. Tailor your content according to the expectation of the customer and provide them something substantial in those words. The information provided in the content should be simple in language, easy to comprehend, informative, fulfilling the need of the customer and of course true. If the customer cannot relate to your content, he/she may opt-out or block you from further correspondence. He/she has given you the opportunity, take full advantage of it by dishing out what the customer is looking out for.


Do not bluff the customer on the source of the email. Spammers often play the trick of email spoofing, that is forging an email-header to make it appear that it came from a different source than the actual source. If you are doing that, you have full chance of being blacklisted, even if you are spoofing your own domain. Keep the source of transmission obvious and original.

1. Ask your prospective customer to opt-in for your service. Confirm with them whether they are really interested in your newsletter or not by going in for double-opt-in option.


Play it safe, do not try developing strategy to break spam filters and sneak in. Spammers have more end-run spam filters knowledge than you, whatever strategy you develop you will always be behind. If you try your strategy, you will be straight away blocked and black listed. The strategy is already considered as spamming.


Make sure you know do's and don't of CAN-SPAM act and ensure that all your e-mail is CAN-SPAM compliant.

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